CHINA GRANITE CENTER LIMITED , established in 1992, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Chinese stone.    Supported by growing international demand to Chinese stone products, Interock has grown to become a dynamic force in the Chinese stone industries.    Among the team are expert engineers, interior designers, communication specialists, skilled workers & inspectors, experienced quality controllers, etc.    And together with advanced machines and rich stone resources, all these successful factors enable us to better serve our customers all over the world.
The following outlines our most popular products
  • Natural Stone for wall cladding and flooring.    Materials include granite, blue limestone, sandstone, slate and basalt;
  • Specialty stone products such as window cills, quoins, thresholds, treads, risers, railing, balustrades and molding;
  • Outdoor pavers, cobbe stones, tumble stone, kerbs palisades;
  • Natural Stone for commercials projects.    Our prefabricated and cut-to-size counter tops, desktops, vanity tops, etc.    have been well accepted in the hospitality, construction and furniture industry.
  • Stone sculpture includes fountains statuary, flower pots, garden tables and benches.
  • Monumental stone.    We are very familiar in fabricating 1st quality for different style of Western Monuments, include Irish, Belgian, Dutch, German, Norwegian, French, Swedish, Australian, British, American, Canadian, etc.
Interock strives to achieve the highest requirement of a quality product, high-technological production and fast delivery.    With this aim in mind, the team is ready to be your best partner in China.
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